Study-16 The Influence of Tian Xian Liquid on Cancer Cures and Regeneration

Study Period



From Jan-1, 2007

to April-30, 2008

The application of molecular medicine angiography technology helps to understand the clinical efficacy evaluation and cancer reversion after taking Tian Xian Liquid.

1.      After the test result of the MTT assay, the death rate (IC50) of H441GL, one of the lung cancer cell lines achieved 50% after taking 0.15% of Tian Xian Liquid.

2.      The thickness of Tian Xian Liquid impacts the cycle of lung cancer cells and induces Apoptosis.

Project Leader: Deng Wen-Bing

Dean of School of Medical Lab. Science &

Biotechnology, Taipei Medical University

PhD in Biology of Cancer, Harvard University, USA